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- May 2018 - Klakworks Studios ceases operations in Illinois
- Klakworks closes up shop in Buckingham and prepares to move East !!
"We enjoyed working with everyone there and will miss you all !!
But we know it's time to move on with our own dreams."

- June - November 2018 - 'The Best and Worst Summer of our Lives'
- Between 'Chicago Pot holes', Extreme Heat Waves,
Major Gasoline Leaks (while hauling a large trailer) at 65 MPH and other 'Major Expensive Catastrophies' ...

It seemed as if someone was watching over us. With ever major event there was someone waiting there to help. Most of whom we've never met before. Everyone went above and beyond the call.   Everyone ! ... 'Friends'...
'New Friends' ... (Shout out to ... Eric at  Canon's Automotive Service+   in Laport Indiana ...
and ... Josh -'The Truck Whisperer' at  Fast and Friendly Repair and Towing   in Painsville Ohio ...
and ... Tony - our Uber guy from Mentor Ohio) ...
and 'Family' (especially Neil and Leanne who made sure we had a site for 'Tinkerbell' - our motorhome - for 4 months) and The Crawfords (for all the little things that made us feel at home !!!)

- November 2018 - Klakworks finds a new home.
- We FINALLY find a location that fits our needs.
- It's going to take a lot of work to get things straightened away in the new location.

- August 2019 - Battle Day Parade
- Klakworks does Sound for Bennington Battle Day Parade.

- August 2019 - Midnight Madness
- Klakworks does Sound for Midnight Madness at Bennington Potters
- Featuring 'GVH Band' and 'Flashpoint'

- September 2019 - Food Truck Festival
- Klakworks does Sound for the 2nd Annual Food Truck Fest - Featuring - Indoors - 'Bread and Glasses' Band (Shout out to Kevin Breese for covering the indoor part of the show - because of the wet weather) Outdoors - 'Flashpoint' and 'Throwbacks'

- September 2019 - 'Recording Studio being Assembled.'
- The recoding studio is finally being 'Put back together' ...
- Hopefully not too much got damaged in the 'Big Move'.

- October 2019 - 'Work continues...'
- 'Troubleshooting and Repair is on going.
- Apparently some things liked the 'Big Move' better than others.

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