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Equipment List / Technical Info

Studio Profile

Klakworks Studios is a privately owned and operated Audio Recording Studio.
Located about half way between Kankakee and Dwight IL.
We primarily do Project Work, everything from 'Basic Demos' to 'Full Blown Albums'.

We also do 'Media Transfers' (in house):
From : LPs, Cassettes - 2 or 4 track, 1/4 in Reel - 2 or 4 track, Standard VCR (audio only at this time)
To: Digital - CD Audio, Wav or High Quality MP3, Cassette or 1/4 in Reel.
Don't see your media type? We can still help you!
Klakworks has access to a top notch 'Transfer House' in Nashville, Tenn.

'Album Graphics' are done in house here at Klakworks, CD Graphics - Jewel Case Liners, Cassettes - Sleeves, etc.

We also do 'Short Run' Duplicating and Label / Insert printing - CDR (30 or less) or Cassette (10 or less) .

Need your song 'Arranged / Orchestrated / Completed' (Composition) - Yes we do that!

Don't have Musicians to 'Play' your song - We do!

You have 'Acid Files' or 'Groove Clips' and need them edited or turned into high quality audio - We can do that too!

You have 'Pro Tools' Tracks and would like to record here - Not A Problem! - We can import them!

Need your Song(s) 'PreMastered/Mastered' - Yes Virginia, we have that covered! See Note

>Klakworks also has in house Repair - if you'd like to have
your Pro Electronic Equipment or Instrument - Serviced or Repaired by a Qualified Tech - Give us a call.

> We also 'Produce' so feel free to submit your work

Klakworks Studios is a Discmakers 'Studio Partner'
So when we're done recording, mixing and premastering you can get 'Manufactured' by the best.
Check out all the extras you get by having Discmakers make your CDs - Yes!! They're Real CD's Not CDR's!!

> You may have noticed on our Rate Card that we do not offer 'Block Rates'.
We would just prefer keeping our rates LOW and keep it fair for everyone.

> We might be a drive ... but you'll find you get the same quality service you do
in the larger studios in and around Champaign and Chicago
and you won't break the bank!!
Also, if you do come from Champaign, Chicago or Bloomington IL
you'll more than break even in gas after just the first Hour!
Besides, who stays in the studio for only 1 hour?

With everything Klakworks Studios has to offer
why would you go anywhere else!

Many times were asked how we keep our prices so low.
Don't ask, it hurts too much to ...
No Seriously, the answer is "We're Musicians too ... We Understand."

So when you're ready - Email us - Or Give Us A Call!
(815) 426-2017
Ask for Mark

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Equipment List

I'm not going to try to list everything here. Just the important stuff.

Mics - AT4060, PVM45P (for drums), Shure 57's and 58's, EV 868 Kick mic to name a few
Mixers - 24x4 Large Format Mixer, Automated Mixer (used with Sonar to automate all recorded tracks)
Processors - Quadraverbs, Midiverbs, Cakewalk MFX, Sonic Timeworks
Audio Recorders - Sonar 2.2 - Echo 16 Channel A/D - Unlimited Virtual Tracks, Tascam Cassettes - 2 and 4 track,
1/4 Dokorder Reel - 2 and 4 track
MIDI Recorders/Sequencers - Sonar 2.2, Roland, Ensoniq
MIDI Sound Modules - Edirol, Roland, Ensoniq
Samplers - GigaSampler, Roland, Cyclone by Cakewalk
Foldback - Furman HDS-6 Personal Headphone Mixes
TAMA Drums, Roland And Ensoniq Keyboards
Marshall, Fender and Ampeg Amps
Drumpads, Triggers and Muggles - Oh My
Oops sorry - Drum Machines not Muggles
(Besides Harry has never been to Oz. Has he?)

Technical Info / Top Of Page

Technical Info

Sonar 2.2 - 16 bit / 44.1 KHz up to 24 bit / 48 KHz Sample Rate - Unlimited Tracks
Echo - Layla Digital Converters - 16 Channels - 16 to 24 Bit - 11 to 48 KHz
System 244 - 24x4 Large Format Recording Mixer - Samick Pro-Line
Automated Mixer - StudioMix - Cakewalk/Peavey
GigaSampler - Sampler, Midi Sound Module - Studio 32 - Endless Wav Sampling
Cyclone Sampler - Phrase Sampler - 16 channel
Pro Tools Import - OMFI Versions 1 and 2
Mastering Software - CD Architect - Version 5
MP3 Encoder - Freuhofner Algorithm
Roland Sampler - S-10 - 12 Bit 32 KHz Sampling
Out of House Media Transfer - done at 'Gear For Days' in Nashville Tenn
Out of House Mastering - done at Mastering Houses, 'Sound Lab' at Discmakers or 'Colossal' in Chicago
Album Graphics - done on Corel Draw and can be exported in many formats - Call for details
For Klakworks to 'Produce' - requires the artist to be 'Signed' to Klakworks Records
or have some other legal instrument in place.
References to 'Harry and Oz' are intended for entertainment of the reader only (a joke) and in no way
is anyone to draw a connection between this studio and those references.
Although the owner of Klakworks does consider both writers to be two of the top three writers of all time.

Equipment List / Top Of Page

PreMastering / Mastering Note

A little note about Mastering - While Klakworks Studios does do 'PreMastering' as well as "Mastering, you should note,
that Klakworks at this time Is Not considered a 'Mastering House'.
Mastering is an Art Form all it's own.
The purpose of Mastering is to allow the consumer to play the album they purchased
on any consumer machine (CD player etc.) and have it sound the same on any player.
Mastering requires special conditions, Special Acoustics as well as a Trained Ear and Specialized Electronics,
to do the job to the level that is required by Major Record Companies,
as well as Quality Manufacturing Houses.
Acoustically, Recording Studios and Mastering Houses have alot in common, yet there are differences
that separate the 'Real' Mastering Houses from someone who just 'Does' Mastering.
How do you tell 'Real' Mastering Houses from the rest?
Well, the easiest way is by the Price.
Klakworks charges $25.00/Hour - We 'Do' Mastering
A 'True' Mastering House charges upwards of several hundred dollars for a few songs
to several thousand dollars for whole albums!!!
Neither the Rooms nor the Techs come cheap! - Just as it should be.
PreMastering is defined as setting up the album layout (song order) and presetting overall levels and EQ's.
Now you may ask - Isn't that kind of what the Mastering House does?
Technically, Yes, But you don't need the room to do that part of it.
PreMastering and Mastering are, unfortunately, used somewhat interchangeably in the Music Industry.
So, technically, if you have Klakworks 'Master' your song or album what we are really doing
is PreMastering - although we have been averaging about an 85% or better swap rate between
machines as opposed to 99.9% for a true Mastering house.
Just something to keep in mind.

The folks at Klakworks Studios